Easy Pecan Pie Bars

Pecan pie in a bite size bar! Crescent roll dough makes this pecan bar recipe simple and quick to prepare.

Oh boy, do I have a another great delicious treat to share with you!
But, shhh don’t tell anyone yet, let me ask you something first.

Do you make pecan pie every year? Do you ever feel the need to change things up but know that if you do, you might never be forgiven? Some things are just tradition.
You have to have them. Like Turkey, Pumpkin or Pecan pie for Thanksgiving.
What if you changed up the crust-filling-stuffing-baking recipe, would there be rioting at your house?

Pecan pie in a bite size bar! Crescent roll dough makes this pecan bar recipe simple and quick to prepare.

Shhhh….don’t tell anyone, I made pecan pie with crescent rolls 🙂
Look, I love a good pie crust, but I love any excuse to make something with crescent rolls too. 🙂
This crescent rolls crust is a delicious change with pecan pie that I think you might just love, too. Light, flaky, and so very easy makes an impressive addition to any holiday table or for entertaining.

Note : This post contains recipe and preparation method on second page

Need I say more? Turn on the page 2 and let’s prepare some easy Pecan pie bars….

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35 thoughts on “Easy Pecan Pie Bars

    1. Hi, Jen
      I have omitted the entire line of text.
      Thanks for noticing that and please excuse me.

      “Unroll dough, separate dough into 2 long rectangles and place in 13×9-inch pan; press over bottom and 1/2 inch up sides to form crust.
      Firmly press dough perforations to seal.

    1. Dear Diane,
      This post includes two pages, please check for tiny red square with numbers 1,2.
      Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll like it:)

  1. I think these are out-of-this-world-wonderful! I LOVE using crescent rolls for crust. Thanks so very much for sharing with us at Weekend Potluck. We are thrilled to have you join us, but would love for you to link back to the party within your post (it makes you eligible to be featured).

    1. Thanks to all for hosting another great Weekend Potluck !
      Love hearing that and I’m glad that you like it, I love any excuse to make something with crescent rolls 🙂
      Link-back to the Weekend Potluck is now included in the post.

  2. The Pecan Bars look SO Yummy!
    I have a dumb question:
    Is there Any way to make these with less sugar, or even sugar free without sacrificing the taste?
    Love your site!

  3. Hi! what could be used in place of crescent rolls? Any ideas would be appreciated. I don’t have access to them.


  4. I made these for dessert this evening and they tasted good but the edges stuck to the aluminum foil. When I make them again I think I will spray the foil with Pam or omit it and just spray the pan directly. Thanks for sharing your recipe!

  5. The egg is parte of all ingredients of filling???
    or you use the egg to cover the dough???
    Thank you for share the recipe.

    Cheers from Monterrey Mexico

      1. I guess I should have read the reviews first, I put the egg in with the filling! It didn’t say to brush the dough with it?? Baking anyway will see what happens! Looks delicious and I don’t make pecan pie so it just looks like there should be more filling?

  6. These look amazing! For people wondering about the use of aluminum foil, its used for easy removal of the bars from the pan – by using a two inch overhang, you should be able to easily lift the bars out of the pan. If you’re having issues with the foil sticking to the bars, Reynolds Wrap makes a Non-Stick aluminum foil (or you could spray/grease your traditional aluminum foil to prevent sticking).

    1. I just made these bars today. My crust burned and it stuck to the foil. They taste pretty good but I think I would rather have pecan pie.

  7. I live in Spain so my resources are quite limited. They don’t have crescent dough and corn syrup is very expensive. I was wondering if I could substitute puff pastry for the crescent dough? Also, what do you suggest for the corn syrup.


  8. I love this recipe, Thank you! This is fantastic, nobody would ever notice the crust isn’t home made!! The only thing that didn’t work for me was the a 9×13 pan, there’s just not enough crescent roll in one tube to go up the sides and I ended up with a sticky mess. 🙁 I’m trying it in a 8×8 pan tonight and hope it’s a bit easier to take apart. Cheers!

  9. hi i am now retired and love to cook i love to make my own ideas i rarely ever use a cookbook i usually just take take things from my head .When i am baking something will pop into my head and i will experiment with it i have often thought about writing a cookbook but just don;t have the push to do it .I was looking at your recipe for pecan bars i have made them many times using pie crust with a bit of sugar or a shortbread bottom they are delicious try putting a layer of choc on them to give them a new twist i won first place in a baking contest locally with doing just that ..

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